How do i add the music app onto myyearbook

26. prosince 2011 v 17:32

open up your `applications` Go to `settings` Open `applications` Open `manage applications` Scroll and go to `DRM protected content storage` Click on `clear data` If .
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A few days ago, someone posted this app link thing on my profile, just showing how many profiles they had. Stupid me clicked on it because I wanted to see .
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iTunes Questions including "How do you transfer your music from frost wire to your music file" and "Does itunes delete your songs if you change your How do i add the music app onto myyearbook name and email"
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Meet new people and play fun games! . To add/change a yearbook affiliation, click on the "Edit" link located on the right side of the "Yearbook Affiliations" box .
Best Answer: log in go How do i add the music app onto myyearbook to 'my profile' [along top bar] scroll down till you see and IPOD CLICK '[EDIT] (IN THE CORNER OF THE BOX) click 'add new song' click 'browse .
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