Best warrior dps cata

26. prosince 2011 v 17:35

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Arms may or may not become competitive in Cata. There have been a ton of posts by GC in that regard, especially a new thread where he mentioned something about making .
Any chance this will be made competitive with MM and SV prior to Cataclysm? Just curious. Thanks.
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I'm transferring my protection warrior over and also switching to horde Best warrior dps cata from alliance . If you are Best warrior dps cata talking strictly racials I would say Tauren for the extra health .
Fury Warrior Spec For Max DPS Patch 4 Cataclysm Warrior builds don't seem to be as normalized as most classes. This build currently does a full 500 DPS more
How to get high dps as a fury warrior in WoW? What is the best rotation to be used to achieve high dps? Also, any attack that should be used in other positions other .
Latest News. best warrior for dps cata (2) best warrior fury build cata (2) Best Warrior Fury Pve Talent (2) best warrior prot spec Cata (2) best warrior spec cata .
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1) Heroic Strike, Colossus, Berserker Rage, Raging Blow (enraged), Bloodthirst, Slam
Haven't been looking at anything cata. Do we know what will be Best warrior dps cata the best cata DPS out of: Mage, Hunter, Rogue These are the three classes I haven't
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